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Mandec Lecture 20/07/11

Dr Craig Parker of Primley Park Dentistry preparing for his morning presentation to be followed in the afternoon by 2 presentations by Phil Reddington of Beever Dental Technology

It took a long time to plan and a massive amount of work from Phil and Craig but it was worth it. Early feedback suggests all delegates found the day extremely informative.

The Day started with Craig talking the delegates through some of his early cases and highlighted how easy mistakes can be made if every aspect of the treatment is not thoroughly thought through.
After the break Craig continued by demonstrating the ITI sac tool (simple advanced complicated) which helps the implantologist decide the level of complexity of each case before any treatment begins.

Craig then followed up with a rapid slide show demonstrating GBR (guided bone regeneration) and soft tissue augmentation.

Then Phil gave a presentation on implants in the laboratory demonstrating the various ways in which the lab Technicians communicate with the surgeon to ensure optimum results.
Then Phil gave a second presentation on Digital dentistry and how the recent surge in technological developments has revolutionised how restorations are produced in the laboratory. other subjects covered were digital impressions and guided surgery.

The day was then completed with a quick demo of guided surgery utilising Straumanns CODiagnostix software.

I would like to Thank all the Staff at Mandec for being so helpful and to all the delegates for their contributions it was great to have the opportunity to chat to everyone at the evening dinner party.

All in all a great day!

Mandec Implant Dentistry Seminar

So its been a very hectic few weeks at beever dental the cases are flying out the door at alarming rates and now the time has come to put the finishing touches to the 2 presentations I am due to give in manchester on wednesday. I certainly will be relieved to get them over with they are both new presentations written just for this event so I hope they go down well. I will put versions of them on our facebook page soon wish me luck!!

Welcome to the Beever Dental Blog!

As of yesterday I have being working for this laboratory for 17 years!

Over the coming days months and years we hope to provide genuinely interesting articles and points of view on the many changing aspects of modern dentistry in this blog.