Monthly Archives: August 2011

Digital dentistry

Here at Beever dental we like to keep a close eye on the latest developements and recently we have seen lots of developments.
We are pleased to announce our further commitment to future technologies by investing in 3 key areas.
1.we are no in a position to offer guided implant surgery solutions to our clients utilising both the CoDiagnostix software and the Gonyx device. This service also requires a CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) scan.
We have teamed up with Ryan at 360 visualise who can offer this service and much more utilising the latest devices from Kodak.
2. We have our Lava lcos (lava chair side oral scanner) software ready to go and our first lcos scanner about to be delivered to Primley Park Dentistry so we shall be receiving our first digital impressions very soon.
3. We are also investing in itero software which will mean we can receive digital impressions from all devices currently on the Market!

Three very exciting pieces of software/hardware helping us and our clients remain at the forefront of modern dentistry.

Photos and write ups to follow soon.

DAMAS Audit 2011

We had our DAMAS audit today and are pleased to announce we passed with NO non conformities thats pretty good going well done Jess for keeping the T,s crossed and the I,s dotted ;o)
the DAMAS audit insures we are adhering to guidelines set out by the MDD and is a similar audit to the dreaded QCQ audit that Dental surgeries undergo.
This is the 8th year we have completed this audit and have always had a very high standard of pass rate usually having 1 or 2 Minor non conformities this is the 4th time we have passed without a single bad mark ;o))))))