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Straumann GonyX Scanning Templates

GonyX CBCT Scanning/Drilling Template Production (part 1)

Here is part 1 of a quick reference guide for the production of a CBCT scanning template.
The template is manufactured using the GonyX device (FIG 1) and is designed to be used as a Drilling Stent for Guided Implant placement in later stages of treatment.

FIG 2 shows a typical radiographic Stent
This Stent will form our basis for producing the scanning template on the GonyX platform

FIG 3 shows the scanning plate attached to the gonyX mounting plate. The plate has 3 Metal calibration pins located in a triangular formation.

The Standard radiographic stent is the attached to the scanning plate using a polymerisation (Cold Cure) acrylic. FIG 4

The radiographic stent with attached scanning plate is placed back onto the model and then mounted onto the gonyX platform. FIG5

The models are then mounted on a plaster free articulator FIG 6,
whilst the the radiographic stent and scanning plate are trimmed and polished FIG 7

The trimmed stent is placed on the articulated models FIG 8


then bite spots are ground in to the plate to give greater stability during the CBCT scan FIG 9

Finally a verification pin is placed into the scanning plate FIG 10 this is used to asses if any movement occurs during the CBCT scanning process.

The device is then sent to surgery for fit verification and is returned to the lab after the scan data has been imported into the Straumann CoDiagnostix software and the implant placements have been planned.


The scanning device is then converted into a drilling guide how to do this will be published in part 2.

LAVA LCOS Digital Impressions

Technicians David Mason and Paul Butterwick Began their training today on the LCOS (LAVA Chairside Oral Scanner)
They will now have to submit 15 test pieces to show the are fully capable of working with the system, once passed the lab will be able to receive digital impressions from any LCOS scanner in the country. You can ask for the 3M team to come and demonstrate the LCOS at your surgery just contact Phil for more information.