First Straumann Guided Surgery Placement!

Dr Craig Parker of Primley Park dentistry placed our first guided surgery implant today using the the Straumann system.

The Pre operative situation

This was the chosen site for implant placement the edentulous area at tooth position 46

“The Lab produced GonyX drilling stent in situ”

The Previously Lab manufactured scanning template was sent with the patient to 360 visualise a CBCT scanning facility where a scan was performed. This data was then imported into the Straumann CoDiagnostix software where Craig was able to plan the placement from a restoratively driven aspect whilst ensuring he was not getting too close to major anatomical structures.The software then produces various coordinates to be inputed into the GonyX device. The template was then placed back on the GonyX device to be transformed into the drilling stent ready for placement.

A tissue punch is used to access the site and then the drilling procedure takes place to prepare the site for the implant. This type of surgery has many benefits for the patient, because no flap has to be raised no sutures need to be placed which is much more comfortable for the patient.There is also less bleeding which makes it easier for the operator to asses the site.

The implant was perfectly placed in an area that can sometimes cause concern due to the close proximity of the Id nerve. This is another benefit of guided placement.

A post op X-ray was taken, this shows excellent placement into good bone giving excellent primary stability.

A great result for everyone involved and the patient was delighted with the whole procedure.

Photos of the completed restoration will be posted in the next few weeks.

For more information on the SGS system please contact the laboratory.

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