Digital Impressions from 3MESPE


Technicians Paul Butterwick and Phil Reddington donning the 3D glasses in order to check the data captured by the Lava LCOS inter oral scanner.
After the dies have been isolated and the margins marked the files are then e-mailed to In-Tech laboratories in the USA where a Stereolithographical model is produced and shipped back to the lab.
While the model is being manufactured the dat from the digital impression is imported into the the Lava ST scanner and utilising the design software a substructure is designed.
After the substructure design is optimised that file is then e-mailed to a milling partner such as Tech-Ceram LTD.
After 48 hours from receiving the initial digital file from the surgery a CAD/CAM model and crown substructure arrive via courier.
The Ceramics department can then layer the substructure with the correct material.

Stereolithographical Model

Stereolithographical Model

Lava Substructure

Lava Framework on Cad/Cam model

Finished LAVA crown.

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