Fast and Fixed

The BDT Technicians spent a day in surgery last week assisting with an arch clearance and immediate placement/loading implant case.

Before we arrived at the surgery we had to simulate the arch after proposed removal of all upper teeth.

After this was completed a Denture was manufactured ready to adapt to a temporary prosthesis in surgery once the implants had been placed.

We also made a clear copy denture which was utilised as both a stent (aid for ensuring correct placement) and as a special tray for picking up the implant position .
After the Surgical team had removed all the patients failing teeth and placed 5 implants, the Lab team were then handed an impression of the abutments.

After casting a soft tissue model it was time to begin adjusting the denture to try in over the temporary cylinders attached to the implant abutments.

Once 2 of the cylinders were attached to the denture it was then time to attach all the other cylinders to the denture on the model.

The denture was then again tried in to check everything was still engaging correctly.
Once the fit had been verified the final adjustments to occlusion and reduction of the flanges and removal of the palate could commence.

The Denture/Temporary prosthesis could then be polished and fitted to the patient.

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