Beever Dental Technology Proud to be a part of this great campaign!

The British Bite Mark Dental Laboratories Helping over 29000 People Smile for British Summer this June!
It seems like the whole country have been gripped with national pride as we reminisce on the glorious pageantry of the Golden Jubilee celebrations and look forward to the spectacle that will be the London 2012 Olympics.
Naturally when people are enjoying themselves or taking pride in something, there is an automatic urge to smile, this must go some way to explaining why dental laboratories up and down the country have been busy manufacturing custom made dental appliances in May and June.
According to the British Bite Mark team, research has suggested that in June 2012, British Bite Mark registered dental laboratories have contributed or created over 29,000 new smiles! Richard Daniels Chief Executive of the Dental Laboratories Association said ‘dental technology is a hidden gem of British manufacturing with thousands of dental technicians across the country changing people’s lives on a daily basis either by creating a beautifully hand crafted dental crown or an equally beautiful denture. Many people who visit the dentist, simply do not realise that their dental appliance is designed and custom made just for them and that it if it has been made in Britain, it has been manufactured under a strict regulatory framework which includes professional registration for the dental laboratory and the dental technician; unlike dental appliances that are shipped in from overseas from places such as China or India.’
The British Bite Mark is now becoming widely recognised as the logo for patients to look out for when agreeing with their dentist to a prescription that requires a crown, bridge or denture.
British Bite Mark labs are not only in the business of manufacturing natural looking smiles, they also help many married couples smile again with their custom made ant-snoring devices, in June 2012 they manufactured over 1900 anti-snoring devices for patients across the UK.
British Dental Technology is under commercial threat from unregulated cheap importers from China, India and other developing nations. It is impossible to know what materials are included in crowns, bridges and dentures that are made in an unregulated environment yet thousands of dentists use imported appliances rather than appliances made under the British Bite Mark label, when you next need a crown or a denture why not ask your dentist where his dental lab is based!

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