Bio-HPP and e.Plant implant bridges

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2 responses to “Bio-HPP and e.Plant implant bridges

  • Neil Cooper

    Beautiful result guys! It looks like you made a metal frame beneath the BioHPP? If that’s so, what was your rationale behind that decision please? Kind regards, Neil Cooper

  • beeverdentaltechnology

    High Neil

    Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and thank you for your kind comment!

    We opted to use a primary alloy bar for 2 reasons
    1. at least 2 of the access holes would have been straight through the facial aspect of the anterior restorations so by utilising a primary bar we were able to place fixation screws in the palatal area of the finished prostheses.

    2. While the bio is strong it is not really rigid enough to be used to splint the implants together when the surgical team feels this is required.

    So we killed two birds with one stone here.

    The bio can be pressed directly on to Ti cylinders if the operator feels a rigid bar is not required but in this case it was decided a belt and braces approach to be the best mode of action.

    I hope this answers your question Neil

    Kind Regards


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