The BDT Technique

We are very proud to announce the launch of the BDT (burn Out Denture Tooth Technique) Technique Here in the USA!! Here is a link to the article explaining everything 260E1428260E1381utah ideas.002The_BTD_Technique_flames_2BDT Technique article PDF

Pekkton Case Study Case 1

Click on Link for the clinical case study.

utah ideas.002

pekkton case study copy

Phil & Lee Lecturing in Utah USA.

2013 a year in pictures…. Click Video Link Below!

image 1.020

Latest case. more images to follow.

pre op situation

pre op situation

Finished e.Plant bridge

Finished e.Plant bridge

Bridge in situ

Bridge in situ

Bio-HPP and e.Plant implant bridges

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2nd e.Plant Screw Retained Bridge completed

Here is a very brief description and a few images of how we achieved this result. We will be posting full run throughs via Lee’s Tech Talk blog at a later date. More cases can be viewed at

Firstly we made a set up using the pre pressed e.Plant teeth available from e.Plant Dentistry.

Initial set up with pre pressed e.Plant teeth

Initial set up with pre pressed e.Plant teeth

Next Mark and Lee manufactured the framwork using Piku-Plast from bredent.

Framework Design

Framework Design

Next Lee cast the framework then Phil began to cut back and layer the e.Plant teeth. Finally

Beginning the cut back and layering procedure

Beginning the cut back and layering procedure

Mark prepared the framework for cementation of the e.Plant teeth and for composite layering on the underside.

Subframe ready for next phase of restorative work.

After The ceramic layering, staining and polishing was finished the e.Plant teeth were cemented onto the framework.
Layered e.Plant teeth cemented onto the framework

Layered e.Plant teeth cemented onto the framework

Finally the gums were added using Anaxdent Composite the final checks were made ant the bridge was ready to ship.

Finalised e.Plant Bridge

The beautiful and natural appearance of the e.Plant bridge in situ. note the excellent gum colour match.

The beautiful and natural appearance of the e.Plant bridge in situ. note the excellent gum colour match.

All work was carried out here at Beever Dental Technology By Lee Mark and Phil.

all comments and questions welcomed

Immediate Loading Utilising Straumann GonyX

Today BDT Technician Lee Mullins manufactured a immediate screw retained denture utilising the Straumann gonyX guided surgery system.
below are 2 images showing the Guided surgery Stent and the finished temp denture. For the full rundown on how this was achieved follow the link below the photographs to the Tech Talk page.

GonyX Guided surgery Stent

Screw Retained Temporary Denture

World Exclusive! 1st e.Plant Bridge fitted!!

Today we are proud to say we have fitted the worlds 1st e.Plant implant bridge.
here is a sneak preview of the bridge prior to fit and one with the bridge fitted
The full story will be revealed in our next post!

e.Plant bridge prior to fit.

e.Plant screw retained bridge fitted

e.Plant screw retained bridge fitted.

BDT Surgery Now Open!

The BDT Surgery

We used our Dental Surgery for the 1st time today for a rescue case. The case was started by another lab with a clinician we do not work with, and after several attempts to get things right and failing every time the patient lost patience and was referred to a clinician we work with on a regular basis.

After a hectic morning session we had isolated various problem implants and began to prepare 2
immediate prothesis’s for the implants that were still sound.
By lunch time we had 2 implant retained dentures ready to fit this went well and after fine tuning the occlusion we were then able to optimise the dentures.
The dentures had the teeth shapes and characters altered and the flanges and palate removed converting them into screw retained temporary restorations.
While this was going on the clinician provided us with new upper and lower fixture head impressions so we could begin work on the screw retained bite blocks and other diagnostic stages before commencing with the production of the definitive restorations.

After final checks the screw retained temporary bridges were polished and fitted.
The patient was overcome with joy after 2 years of been messed around by unprofessional Clinicians and Technicians he could not believe what we had achieved in a single day.

All in all a great result and excellent team work by Lee, Phil, Paul, and the clinical team and of course the patient who had to take another leap of faith by coming to the surgery and agreeing to let us take control of the treatment planning.

We could not of wished for a better way to open the BDT Surgery. :O)